From November 24th to December 1st 2013, I participated as a volunteer of Hihtast program in the Replay training in Palermo Italy. The RePlay (Re-Plan) is a project that aims to enforce the role of eldery and senior citizens in active participation in the EU civil and democratic process. It brought together 11 organisations from all over Europe in order to stimulate EU cooperations in the field of active ageing and European citizenship projects. Participants 22 in total from different European countries e.g. Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Macedonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy took part to the second International event (RePlaY Training) of the RePlaY project, co-funded by the Europe for Citizens programme, Action 1.2.2. All the participants belong to organisations working on the themes of active ageing and intergenerational dialogue at local level in the different partner countries. Each partner country presented the situation of elderly people in their local realities and shared good practices in the field of active ageing and intergenerational dialogue run by there local organisations in order to promote the active participation by seniors in society. For Belgium the Hihtast project was presented and well received. The Hihtast project is a basic computer course for absolute beginners and people with other abilities. The exclusivity of the program is that volunteers are supporting the teacher. The RePlay training brought through active participation the participants knowledge about the introduction to EU approach, EU cooperation, EU dimension and the Europe for Citizen Programme.

Luc De Bock (Belgium)